Industrial Network Mapping and Monitoring

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Rutile for Industrial Networks.

Rutile provides visibility and monitoring services to discover the current state of cybersecurity for all your industrial network assets and communications protocols.

  • First One

    Get your Real inventory

    Quick discovery of all your industrial network connected assets after deployment. Agentless solution to keep as simple as possible your control network.

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  • second one

    Discover your Risks

    Different network weaknesses and asset vulnerabilities are identified by analyzing the Software, Firmware and network architecture.

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  • fourth muscle

    Actionable Network Diagrams

    Rutile provides Physical connection diagrams on your industrial network, for your Maintenance or Cybersecurity teams.

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  • training fifth

    Global vision of your Industrial facilities

    Rutile architecture allows you to manage a vaste range of networks and devices. All your sites on a Central Console to consolidate your operational awareness.

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You can begin today!

You can easily get your actual industrial network cybersecurity risk information.

Rutile easy deployment

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Network Inventory

Rutile extracts information about your assets from your network: Role, name and configuration and, what is more important, physical connectivity for any device.

Network Map

After understanding how your assets are connected, a physical network diagram is created by Rutile for you to use.
IEC 62433 Security Zones are easy to view design with Rutile.

Potential problems and vulnerabilities

By fingerprinting your devices, a correlation between vendor, model, Operating System version, Firmware version and Application version and Rutile CVE Data Base is used to alert on vulnerable devices in a continious way.
You will always receive alerts about new vulnerabilities on your assets.

Network Monitoring

Rutile can monitor any deviation from original Industrial Network configuration, triggering alerts on new devices or protocols on your network, new vulnerabilities, non-registered devices connecting to the network and more than other 100 suspicious events.

News from Rutile.

What's new at Rutile.

Blog 1
New Powerful dashboard

March 3, 2022

Discover the new style for your Industrial asset inventory. Learn more

Blog 2
New OT Protocols added

Jan 15, 2002

Support for Profinet RT and Omron FINS. Learn more

Blog 3
Simplifying zones drawing

December 18, 2021

Now is even easier to define new Zones . Learn more